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  • " Just bought premium account for fileserve. Processing was fast and and was delivered within 20 minutes. Had a complication with login at Fileserve due to a faulty password. Asked you guys for help. Response was fast and prompt and volia problem solved. WOW great service! Sure gonna stick with you folks and once again thanks a heap! "
  • Roy, Kerala

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* Protected BitTorrent. Hidden IP
*  Download torrents despite your ISP's restrictions
*   Download resume
*   Torrents are cached even if you are not on the site
*   Dedicated channels, full cashing speed
*   No ads
*   Video & Music streaming
*   Unlimited File storage size
*   Unlimited Your files will be available in account for
*   Number of unlimited torrents in storage
*   Unlimited Download speed
*  Unlimited Maximum size of torrent
* Number of simultaneous unlimited downloads